A Word from the Founder and Convener

Prince Nicholas Okoye

Dear Nigerians,

The Nigerian Leadership Summit is our own contribution to a Nation that is in desperate need of direction. Our Leaders are not focused on the things that are really important to the Nigerian People and sometimes when we do get a few focused Leaders the detractors move in with the Political distractions. We are trying to build a Nation but we are constantly mis-stepping and misfiring. Why do we keep missing the boat? The reason is simply we need to “FOCUS ON LEADERSHIP”. The Leadership of our Nation, our Institutions, our Corporations and our Communities needs a total overhaul with a strategic new direction that identifies clear goals and set objectives with the right parameters within which we are willing to progress.

We cannot continue to be in denial. We cannot build a Nation if we continue to treat fellow citizens in the same country as outsiders. The Indigene Clause which I understand is in our Constitution is a major drawback to a progressive and board based homogenous society. The “State of Origin” must give way to the “State of Residence” that is the only way we can build our Nation on the right foundation. And we need strongly to increase the barrier to entry for becoming a Political leader in Nigeria. The present standards of Secondary School certificate is outdated and old fashioned. The World is very sophisticated and it requires a truly sophisticated class and generation of Leaders if Nigeria is going to compete in the Global Community. And Compete we must, as we do not have a choice. There is a Global Competition building up among Nations for the World’s Jobs, the World’s Energy and believe it or not the World’s fresh Water. And Nations that do not choose the deepest thinkers, the most innovative and the most creative people as their Leaders will most definitely lag behind. And lagging behind the rest of the World, means that the Nigerian people will wallow in poverty, disease, crime and malnutrition, as a direct result of the bad, inept and corrupt Leadership we chose instead of innovative, modern and dynamic Leadership. The choice is ours, we can either take the bull by the horn by engaging our present generation of Leaders and educating them by providing them with a clear new strategic direction, or we can sit back, do nothing and watch Nigeria fall to pieces.

The Nigeria Leadership Summit is an attempt to give the Nigerian elite and all Nigerians a WAKE UP call. To provide you with a road map for the fork in the road that is surly coming up in the next few years. And we will have to take either right or left at the fork. And the direction we take will define the kind of Nigeria we leave for our Children and our children’s children. Our Speakers were chosen because they all share this vision of the future of a progressive and stable Nigeria that creates opportunities for our people. They are our own role models and we would like all of Nigeria to hear what they have to say. We are committed to building a new generation of Leaders in Nigeria and we are calling on all other Nigerians who feel strongly about our Nation and its future to join us so that together we can put our Nation back on the path to greatness. This Summit is the first of many more to come and I encourage you to participate actively and let us know your concerns, let us have your ideas and let us share in a common vision for the future of Nigeria

Nicholas Okoye
Founder Nigeria Leadership Summit

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